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P32Dasm - VB P-CODE Decompiler


P32Dasm is a VB6 PCode Decompiler. It can generate String, Numbers, Objects

Import and Export function listing. There is also Jump calculator. You can

set shortcut to your favorite hex editor. I personally preffer Hiew.



0.6 - [17.03.2005] - Optimization Release

- Fixed OCX recognition

- Add Options window

- Add OCX Library name to Object window

- Add Menu popup on right click mouse

- Better handling end of procedure (Check End Bytes Option)

- Compacting DB, from 64kb to 33kb by same functionality :-)

- Optimized code for better speed

0.5 - [13.03.2005] - OCX Release

- Display Caption to objects: Text, Label, Form, CheckBox, OptionButton,

Frame, Menu

- Stop button (Break process)

- Fixed some opcodes

- Added support for Events

MSCOMCTL.OCX Controls: ListView, Toolbar, StatusBar, ImageCombo,

ProgressBar, TreeView, TabStrip, Slider

RICHTX32.OCX: RichTextBox

- Fixed menu decompiling





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