مطلوب للعمل محلل نظم - system analyst and tester

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Company Profile


is a leading Technology Solution Provider in the Middle East and have

several projects in egypt and KSA

As we move towards our goal of being industry leaders, 

we constantly focus on innovation, and above all we always seek nothing less than excellence.



1-Bachelor degree in Computer Science, or any related discipline

2-2+ years in the business analysis area.

3-Experience in System Development Life Cycle.

4-Experience in Agile project management

5-Strong analytical skills useing Agile (Scrum) and UML

6-Ability to handle team.

7-Excellent written and communication skills.

8- Develop and execute test cases to ensure product is up to the standards of quality.

9- Perform all aspects of verification and validation in all the software development phases

10- Aware of testing throughout software life cycle.

11- Has a good knowledge with defects tracking & SDLC

12- Has a good knowledge with logging defects on Defect tracking tool.

13- Knowledge of modern test methodologies like agile testing

if you found yourself meet the job requirments please send your cv


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