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FTP in python


import ftplib

ftp = ftplib.FTP('ftp.sunet.se', 'anonymous', '[email protected]')

print "File List: "

files = ftp.dir()

print files

ftp.cwd("/pub/unix") #changing to /pub/unix

Common FTP Methods

FTP.connect(host[, port[, timeout]])

Connect to the given host and port


Return the welcome message sent by the server in reply to the initial connection

FTP.login([user[, passwd[, acct]]])

Log in as the given user

FTP.retrbinary(command, callback[, maxblocksize[, rest]])

Retrieve a file in binary transfer mode

FTP.retrlines(command[, callback])

Retrieve a file or directory listing in ASCII transfer mode

FTP.dir(argument[, ...])

Produce a directory listing as returned by the LIST command, printing it to

standard output


Remove the file named filename from the server


Set the current directory on the server


Create a new directory on the server


Return the pathname of the current directory on the server


Send a QUIT command to the server and close the connection


Close the connection unilaterally

This should not be applied to an already closed connection such as after a

successful call to quit()


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