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[مخالف طلب حل ]مساعده في حل بعض الاسئله ارجو الدخول لذوي الخبره


سلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته 


كيف حالكم اخوتي ؟


لدي بعض الاسئله التي بما اني مستجد في هذه اللغه لا افهمها وقد اكون فهمت بعضها واختصاراً للكلام الاسئله هي 


1. How the processor uses the address bus, the data bus, and the


2. Which of the following are unidirectional and which are bidirectional


3. What are registers and what are the specific features of the

accumulator, index registers, program counter, and program status



4. What is the size of the accumulator of a 64bit processor


5. What is the difference between an instruction mnemonic and its



6. How are instructions classified into groups


7. A combination of 8bits is called a byte. What is the name for 4bits and

for 16bits


8. What is the maximum memory 8088 can access?


9. List down the 14 registers of the 8088 architecture and briefly

describe their uses


10. What flags are defined in the 8088 FLAGS register? Describe the

function of the zero flag, the carry flag, the sign flag, and the overflow



11. Give the value of the zero flag, the carry flag, the sign flag, and the

overflow flag after each of the following instructions if AX is initialized

with 0x1254 and BX is initialized with 0x0FFF.

a. add ax, 0xEDAB

b. add ax, bx

c. add bx, 0xF001


12. What is the difference between little endian and big endian formats?


Which format is used by the Intel 8088 microprocessor?



13. For each of the following words identify the byte that is stored at lower

memory address and the byte that is stored at higher memory address

in a little endian computer.

a. 1234


c. B100


14. What are the contents of memory locations 200, 201, 202, and 203 if

the word 1234 is stored at offset 200 and the word 5678 is stored at

offset 202?


15. What is the offset at which the first executable instruction of a COM

file must be placed?


16. Why was segmentation originally introduced in 8088 architecture?


17. Why a segment start cannot start from the physical address 55555.?


18. Calculate the physical memory address generated by the following

segment offset pairs.

a. 1DDD:0436

b. 1234:7920

c. 74F0:2123

d. 0000:6727

e. FFFF:4336

f. 1080:0100

g. AB01:FFFF


19. What are the first and the last physical memory addresses accessible

using the following segment values?

a. 1000

b. 0FFF

c. 1002

d. 0001

e. E000



20. Write instructions that perform the following operations.

a. Copy BL into CL

b. Copy DX into AX

c. Store 0x12 into AL

d. Store 0x1234 into AX

e. Store 0xFFFF into AX


21. Write a program in assembly language that calculates the square of

six by adding six to the accumulator six times.


اتمنى ان تكون واضحه واتمنى من يساعدني في الحل ان يفهمني كل سؤال وما معناه لانني لست جيد في النجليزيه 


واسال الله ان يكون في ميزان حسناته فانه سوف يكون فك ازمه علي شديده 


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