Full and Part time Mobile Developers (IOS / Android)‏

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Full time developers , job code: FTD001
Part time developers , job code: PTD002
Job Description
What we are looking for:

* Passion fast worker with both Objective-C, developing apps for iOS and/or android
* Experience with developing high quality apps (please provide Store links)
* A bachelor's degree, preferably in Computer Science or Engineering
* Minimum 1 year of experience working with iOS SDK and/or android
• Cocoa Touch & ObjectiveC
• Java & Android
• Deep understanding of DB SQLite usage.
• Deep understanding of Object Orientation Concepts
• Deep understanding of Design Patterns Concepts
How To Apply
send recent cv with App Store and/or Google play links with job code in subject
 Mohamed Hosni

Development Lead


Email: [email protected]


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