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What's New in VS2010


last Month Microsoft release Visual Studio 2010 Beta below i mentioned what are the features of vs2010

1)Multiple Framework:-Like vs2008, vs2010 also support multiple framework here .net2.0,.net 3.0,.net 3.5 and .net 4.0

2)Start Page of VS2010 completely changeed

3)In project template we can search for search installed project template

example:-ajax,silver light etc

we can access also recent templates

4)In code windows we can zoom in and zoom out of code by pressing ctr key with combition of mouse scroll up and down

5)silver light is In build in template in vs2010

6)VS2010 now support entity framework

7)In vs2010 now provide code snippets,java snippets,jquery intellisence

ex:- for example if we want to text box just type tb press tab in html tab view we will get textbox

and many more......

here is the download link of vs2010 download and njoy of happy coding

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